Edmond East Animal Hospital is more than just a veterinarian for Jones, OK. We see ourselves as partners in the lifelong care of your four-legged family member. Even after they’ve passed on, your pet remains a special part of your life. To ensure that they get to spend as many years with you as possible, we offer complete veterinary care that addresses all their health needs, from one life stage to the next.

For a veterinarian in Jones, OK you can trust to have your pet’s best interests at heart, give our team a call at (405) 701-9000 or book an appointment online.

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Caring for Dogs, Cats, and Exotic Pets in Jones, OK

Edmond East Animal Hospital is happy to welcome various exotic pet species in addition to dogs and cats. Our veterinarians Drs. Rex and Shannon Johnson can treat ferrets and other small mammals, along with iguanas, bearded dragons, and other reptiles. The array of services we provide for dogs, cats, and exotics includes general wellness care, treatment for illness, lab testing, surgery, and more.

If you have questions about our services for exotic pets, please call us at (405) 701-9000.

Veterinary Services We Provide for Jones, OK Pets

Our Veterinarians in Jones, OK Want the Best for Your Pet at Every Life Stage

Your pet’s health is important to us at every life stage. Puppies, kittens, adults and seniors all have their own unique needs. We’re dedicated to giving pets a healthy start so they can enjoy their adulthood and golden years.

To discuss your pet’s health care needs with us, call (405) 701-9000 to book an appointment today or use the online form!