Do you have a question about your pet’s health, our recommendations, or our animal hospital policies at Edmond East Animal Hospital? We invite you to browse through a list of our most frequently asked questions to see if your concerns are addressed. If you still have questions, our veterinary team asks you to contact us so we may help you.

Policy Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

At Edmond East Animal Hospital, we require payment at the time services are rendered. Payment options include:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Some third party payment plans
  • Care Credit

Pet Care Questions

Why does my pet need vaccines?

Vaccines serve a very important function to protect your dog against certain diseases. While vaccine protocols vary, all pets should be protected based on lifestyle and risk. Contact us and we will be happy to provide more information.

At what age is my pet considered a senior and what does it mean for them?

Pets age at different rates according to the size and breed of your pet. Visit our Life Stage Wellness page for more information about senior pets. What does this mean for them? They may have special needs that require extra attention and possibly more frequent veterinary visits. Mostly they need extra TLC for their "golden years."

What signs of illness should I be concerned about?

Any changes in appetite, water intake, bathroom habits, or weight changes are issues that should be discussed and examined further. These are only a few and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions about your pet’s health.

How can I tell if I am experiencing a pet emergency?

Read no further and call us right away! If you are experiencing concerns after hours, contact BluePearl OKC Emergency.

What are the hospital hours?

Our animal hospital is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. The hospital is closed Saturday, Sunday and major holidays.

Do I need to have an appointment?

Appointments are our preferred method of scheduling. Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen as soon as possible. All patients will be seen in this order: Emergencies, appointments, walk-ins.

Can I make payments?

Payment is expected at time of services. We accept cash, credit, debit and some third party payment plans. In order to focus on each patient’s needs, customer service, and minimizing costs, we do not bill.

At what age can I have my pet spayed or neutered?

Spaying or neutering can be done at approximately 5-6 months of age. Your pet is given a physical exam prior to surgery to help determine whether they are healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure. Current vaccinations are required at the time of surgery. Also a pre-anesthetic blood screen is required prior to undergoing anesthesia and surgery.

What is the pre-anesthetic blood screening?

This is a blood test that is run in the clinic or sent to a local veterinary laboratory prior to surgery. It tests the organ functions, blood counts, and clotting function of your pet. The pre-anesthetic blood screening is done to ensure safety during surgery and the ability to heal following surgery.

Is it a good idea to let my pet have at least one litter?

No, there is no advantage to letting your pet have one litter. However there are plenty of advantages to having your pet spayed or neutered. For females, the advantages include decreasing the chances of breast tumors, cystic ovaries, and uterine infections. For males, neutering decreases the desire to roam the neighborhood and the incidence of prostate cancer, and it helps prevent spraying and marking. Spaying and neutering also help control the surplus of unwanted puppies and kittens.

Do you board pets?

No, we do not offer boarding. We believe that our hospitalized patients are better cared for if the staff is not distracted by boarding animals. Contact us and we can make recommendations for boarding in our area.

Do you offer grooming?

No, we do not offer grooming. Again, our philosophy is to give the best care to our hospitalized patients. Contact us and we can make recommendations for grooming in our area.

The best vet in Edmond! Seriously the cleanest and cutest office! Dr Johnson and his staff were so incredibly helpful, and fit Sadie in and she is on the mend!

-Corrine A.

I highly recommend this animal hospital. I felt very comfortable and they did such a wonderful job checking the lump on my Guinea Pig. They were very careful and sweet when handling him. Really awesome place! Will be returning there for sure!

-Miranda M.

They treat you and your loved ones like family! They have been so generous and kind to our babies(we are forever grateful). We will never have the need to look for another Vet. This practice, this family rocks!!

-Cru J.

Edmond East does a wonderful job with Bon. Like every dog, Bon hates going to the vet but he is relaxed and calm when going here. Plus he gets top-notch vet care. I highly recommend Edmond East.

-Shawn C.

Hands down the best place ever..Our Babies love them too!!

-Alicia H.

Thanks for taking such good care of Fancy's leg. She's such a sweet dog we love her to pieces, and she will live out her life as a princess!!!

-Jackie H.

Always reasonably priced, caring, and excellent customer service!!

-Sam J.

We absolutely love Dr. Johnson and his staff. They take great care of our Watson and make us feel like family as soon as we walk through the door.

-Jennifer P.

I simply love each and every person there!!! Never had a vet that loved my pets as much as me and were so friendly and caring!!! Thank you for making our move better!

-Dee S.

Dr. Johnson and his staff didn't give up when it came to figuring out what was wrong with our Duke. They are so caring and so very understanding when it comes to your concerns and it does not feel that it is all about the money but rather about the well being of your pet. They have definitely earned my business!

-Richie M.

I love everything about Edmond East! They have amazing doctors, outstanding staff and a fabulous facility!

-Lisa C.

This place is the best from the veterinarians to the staff. We are so happy we found this place. My 9 dogs, 3 cats and bird are happy patients and say thank you.

-Carol G.

Dr. Rex and the whole Staff are great. Very helpful and caring group.

-Teena C.

You could not get better Veterinarians! Known these 2 for years and we are blessed to have them back in Oklahoma! Welcome Home!

-Tamara S.