At Edmond East Animal Hospital, we firmly believe that dog and cat teeth cleaning is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s overall health. When tartar and plaque accumulate on your pet’s teeth, toxins seep below the gum line and into the blood stream. The result can be infections in internal organs, like the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Complete Pet Oral Exams

When your pet comes to Edmond East Animal Hospital for a professional oral examination, we check their oral cavity thoroughly to ensure that we identify any potential problems and we will discuss with you how to address them. We look for certain concerns such as broken teeth, decaying teeth, infections, loose teeth, gingivitis, tumors, and more.

Professional Dog and Cat Teeth Cleanings

When we conduct professional dog and cat teeth cleanings, we utilize complete surgical-grade anesthesia services, with surgical monitoring to make anesthesia as safe as possible. (Visit our surgery page for more information about anesthesia and monitoring.) During your dog and cat’s procedure, we remove the calculus from the tooth surface, thoroughly clean along and just below the gum line, polish the tooth surfaces, apply fluoride to the teeth, and completely chart the oral cavity.

Dog and Cat Dental X-Rays

We perform dental radiographs (x-rays) on all patients, to make sure that we have identified any potential problems, since 80% of the dental anatomy is not visible to the eye. The digital dental radiographs aide in making an official diagnosis and help determine needed therapy. We will always perform digital dental x-rays before we make an official diagnosis. If any abnormal areas or problems are identified with x-rays, the owner will be contacted about further recommended treatment (unless previous arrangements have been made), along with the additional costs for that treatment. In most cases, any required treatment the pet owner agrees to can be performed at the same time as the teeth cleaning.

At-Home Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning

Once your pet’s professional teeth cleaning is complete and your pet’s mouth has healed, we recommend maintaining their oral health on a regular basis. Performing at home dental care is essential to your pet’s continued health. Some dental health care options are:

  • Brushing: the best option for keeping teeth clean. If your pet won't allow their teeth to be brushed, ask us for advice.
  • Dental Chews
  • Water additives
  • Oral gels

If you have questions about your pet's oral care needs, please contact us today. We’re here to help you make the best decisions when it comes to pet dental care.

I love everything about Edmond East! They have amazing doctors, outstanding staff and a fabulous facility!

-Lisa C.

I highly recommend this animal hospital. I felt very comfortable and they did such a wonderful job checking the lump on my Guinea Pig. They were very careful and sweet when handling him. Really awesome place! Will be returning there for sure!

-Miranda M.

Always reasonably priced, caring, and excellent customer service!!

-Sam J.

You could not get better Veterinarians! Known these 2 for years and we are blessed to have them back in Oklahoma! Welcome Home!

-Tamara S.

Dr. Johnson and his staff didn't give up when it came to figuring out what was wrong with our Duke. They are so caring and so very understanding when it comes to your concerns and it does not feel that it is all about the money but rather about the well being of your pet. They have definitely earned my business!

-Richie M.

This place is the best from the veterinarians to the staff. We are so happy we found this place. My 9 dogs, 3 cats and bird are happy patients and say thank you.

-Carol G.

Edmond East does a wonderful job with Bon. Like every dog, Bon hates going to the vet but he is relaxed and calm when going here. Plus he gets top-notch vet care. I highly recommend Edmond East.

-Shawn C.

Hands down the best place ever..Our Babies love them too!!

-Alicia H.

We absolutely love Dr. Johnson and his staff. They take great care of our Watson and make us feel like family as soon as we walk through the door.

-Jennifer P.

The best vet in Edmond! Seriously the cleanest and cutest office! Dr Johnson and his staff were so incredibly helpful, and fit Sadie in and she is on the mend!

-Corrine A.

Thanks for taking such good care of Fancy's leg. She's such a sweet dog we love her to pieces, and she will live out her life as a princess!!!

-Jackie H.

I simply love each and every person there!!! Never had a vet that loved my pets as much as me and were so friendly and caring!!! Thank you for making our move better!

-Dee S.

Dr. Rex and the whole Staff are great. Very helpful and caring group.

-Teena C.

They treat you and your loved ones like family! They have been so generous and kind to our babies(we are forever grateful). We will never have the need to look for another Vet. This practice, this family rocks!!

-Cru J.