Pets can suffer from allergies, too, and it’s just as frustrating for them as it is for us. The relentless itching and other symptoms of cat and dog allergies can really get in the way of your pet’s ability to live life to the fullest and stay comfortable. At Edmond East Animal Hospital in Edmond, OK, we see a lot of pets with allergies, ear infections, and skin disorders. You name it, we’ve probably seen it! Fortunately, this means we also have many treatment options available to resolve allergy symptoms in pets and keep their allergies well under control.

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Cat and Dog Allergy Treatments in Edmond, OK

Signs Your Pet Might Have Cat or Dog Allergies

If you don’t catch your pet licking and scratching at themselves and sending clumps of fur flying, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t feeling uncomfortable. You might just not be around when they start scratching! Look for these outward signs for evidence:

  • Bald patches in your pet’s coat
  • Areas of skin that are red and raw
  • Dandruff (loose flakes of dead skin)
  • Red, swollen ears
  • Hair missing between the toes (caused by chewing and licking at the feet)
  • Abnormal scaly patches of skin
  • Highly unpleasant odor wafting off the skin and ears
Cat with Allergies

Cat and Dog Allergy Treatment Options

Cat and dog allergies can be caused by many different things, from ingredients in the food they eat to pollen, mold, and dust. To find out what is responsible for your pet’s condition, we will need to examine your pet and perform diagnostics to get the answers we need. Like all our available treatment options, our diagnostics options vary and are recommended based on your pet’s condition.

Treating itchy skin is very important, because it reduces the scratching and licking that can damage your pet’s skin barrier. A damaged skin barrier is vulnerable to bacterial infections, which can cause other problems for your dog or cat that may be hard to treat.

Testing Options

  • Diagnostic skin workups
  • Blood sample allergy testing (with a special allergy lab)
  • Can refer patients to a local dermatologist for intradermal skin testing

Treatment Options

  • Apoquel tablets (anti-itch medication)
  • Cytopoint injections (anti-itch injections for dogs)
  • Hypoallergenic diets for food-allergic pets
  • Topicals and shampoos to address skin disorders and itchiness
  • Can use our therapeutic laser to treat ear infections

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