Keeping Pets Safe with Fall and Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Edmond, OK

What’s your favorite time of year? Many of us love fall with its colorful leaves, cool weather, and of course, Halloween! Yet, this wonderful time of year also poses some danger to our furry friends. While the heat dissipates, other hazards take its place. Learn more about the dangers fall and Halloween bring and how to avoid them with our fall and Halloween pet safety tips!

Fall Pet Safety Tips

  • Cooler weather is a welcome relief to us, but to mice and rodents, it’s a warning sign that winter is coming. Many will try to seek shelter in and around our warm homes, which means many of us pull out the rodenticides to deter them. Yet, these poisons are a danger to our pets! If you do use them, put them in secure locations where your pet cannot reach, or choose to use natural or pet-safe alternatives!
  • While the cooler weather will affect mosquitoes, it does little to slow the activity of fleas and ticks. These parasites can be active all year round, so keep up the parasite preventatives to keep your pet safe!
  • Allergies often make another appearance in the fall, causing us to sneeze and sniff and our pets to itch! If your pet is scratching themselves more often than usual, consider bringing them to your veterinarian to determine if it’s cat or dog allergies and to get them some relief!
Fall Pet Safety Tips in Edmond, OK
  • With winter on its way, many of us pull out the antifreeze to top up our cars. This chemical is very appealing to pets because it has a sweet smell. Store the container in a paws-free zone and be sure to clean up any spills right away before Fido finds it!
  • Fall also means the start of football season, and while it’s a blast to host a game, your pet’s safety needs to be prioritized. Make sure they are comfortable with guests and be sure that your guests know not to feed them any table scraps!

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Edmond, OK

Looking for more Halloween pet safety tips? Contact our animal hospital in Edmond at (405) 701-9000 or ask us at your next appointment!

  • Costumes, whether on you or your pets, can cause some undue anxiety! Make sure your pet’s costume doesn’t inhibit their movement, breathing, sight, or hearing and that they love wearing it! An uncomfortable pet means bad behavior! Also, keep in mind that your own costumes make it hard for your pet to recognize you, which could make them anxious. If they seem nervous, take them out of the situation by giving them their own quiet room to relax in.
  • Decorations such as jack-o’-lanterns, candles, electric lights, and animatronics can be dangerous for pets. Be sure to keep open flames out of reach of wagging tails and curious noses, and secure electric cords away from paws’ reach!
  • Don’t share your candy! Chocolate and xylitol, an artificial sweetener, are toxic to cats and dogs, so keep the goodies to yourself! Make sure you have pet-friendly treats around so your pet can enjoy the festivities, too.