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Pet Products in Edmond, OK

At Edmond East Animal Hospital, we provide the convenience of an online store that is stocked with many of your pet’s basic care products. Some of our veterinary care products include:

  • Pest preventives
  • Pet food
  • Prescriptions
  • …and more

The Benefits of Using Our Online Store

Our online store is convenient for pet owners who want to provide exceptional care to their best friend. We carry products that are recommended by our dedicated veterinarians, ensuring that our patients are given the care they need! If your pet has a veterinary need, we invite you to contact our team or visit our online store to learn more about the products we recommend.

We also offer special discounts for clients who purchase from our online store! When you create a login for our online store, you can receive free shipping for all purchases over $40. (This excludes pet food and anything that requires refrigeration.)

If you have questions about the benefits of our online store or how to use it, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!


The Importance of Senior Pet Preventative Care


Pets do a lot of things faster than we do, including age. Dogs are considered “seniors” between 7 and 8 years of age, while for cats, it’s around 10 or 11 years of age. Larger breeds typically age faster than smaller breeds. Just as with humans, with age comes an increased risk for certain health conditions—some of which can be very serious. That’s why it’s so important to stay current on your senior pet’s preventative care exams.

Edmond East Animal Hospital recommends senior preventative care exams at least twice a year. More frequent visits allow us to catch health problems sooner and increase the chances of successful treatment. It also helps us develop the best methods of preventive care. We offer canine and feline preventative care plans that are designed to address the specific needs of senior pets, and if you enroll in a preventative care plan this month, we’ll waive the $50 membership fee!

About Our Senior Preventative Care Plans

Our senior preventative care plans take into account the health risks for which senior pets may be at risk, including joint problems, obesity, gum disease, and diabetes. The senior preventative care plan also covers all of your pet’s preventative needs to help prevent these health problems from occurring. Ideally, your senior pet’s care should include bi-annual comprehensive preventative care exams, diagnostic testing (including a senior blood profile), dental care, and pain management treatment.

If your dog or cat is due for a senior exam, schedule an appointment and enroll in our senior pet preventative care exam. For the month of September, we’re waiving the canine or feline preventative care plan membership fee. That’s a savings of $50! Make your appointment today, and help your pet enjoy their golden years!