Pet Surgery

At Edmond East Animal Hospital, we provide exceptional surgical care for our patients. When your pet is in need of a surgical procedure, we take special care for their safety and comfort. Before any surgery is performed, our veterinary team will conduct a blood panel to test your pet’s organ function and ensure that they are healthy enough to undergo surgery and have anesthesia administered.

Day of Surgery

When your pet’s surgery day arrives, they are checked in to our facility first thing in the morning and will have their blood work completed if it was not already done in advance. Ordinarily we will recommend doing it prior to the day of surgery, just to avoid any complications.

During your pet’s surgery, they will be closely monitored. We utilize:

Post-operative recovery involves the physical presence of our veterinary nursing staff to ensure that your pet is sitting up and recovering easily after surgery. We will give you a call after your pet awakes to give you an update on their surgery. When your pet is able to go home, we will meet with you to discuss any discharge instructions and send you home with a handout for reference.

Our team will check with you the day after surgery to ensure your pet is doing well and to address any questions or concerns about your pet’s needs. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

I love you guys! We just moved here and y'all were welcoming to me and my pets.
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